:: problems we solve for municipalities


:: Frictionless Engagement ...


A balanced discussion from 

all four sides of the Ideological Table.

Sapping your Confidence

:: Alpha Extroverts dominate the discussion

:: Great Introverts stay away from meetings

:: Not enough people participating

:: Complaints about committee or council process

Elusive Best Solutions

:: No easy "Place" to find the whole conversation

:: Omissions of other's best practice solutions

:: Errors in complex material too difficult to find

Consensus Blocking

:: Not enough data or metrics to predict policy support

:: No process to actually find consensus

::  Cynicism and mistrust of local government

:: Paralysis by analysis

VirtualCommittees™ is a safe haven. No citizen can claim they weren't aware—the discussion is literally taking place in the palm of their hand. 

Timeshifting increases engagement. 

Crowdsourcing helps find errors and omissions. 

It's like the olympics, 

which solutions will make it to your podium?

The VirtualCommittees™ software for local decision making, and the... 

WonkWave™ National Think Tank for Local Leaders Solving National Problems.


Virtual public policy bread-breaking is ground-breaking. 


:: You Will Break Engagement Records

  If you're looking for consensus building tools, and decision making tools, VirtualCommittees™ software will do all that with a side dish of frictionless engagement served up on your citizens' cellphones. It makes the process more like sharing a nice meal with three other people who have somewhat or significantly different views. Listening is interesting. 

How many people can your town hall hold? What's your population? Your VirtualCommittees™ software can hold more than your Hall—Guaranteed

Gone is the bias of who shows up in the room and talks the longest and/or loudest. Outcomes that can be trusted to be thorough and virtually apolitical. Begin at Agree™ to foster Team USA, Town USA kind of thinking.