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Call for Players & Wonks for the Inaugural Politics 4.0 Idea Games™

Did you know according to Pew Research two thirds of Americans don’t think that elected officials care about what they think? That’s a strong supermajority. If you’re tired of politics as usual, the digital chaos, obvious needed laws, obvious bad laws—then you might want to be a player in the Inaugural Politics 4.0 Idea Games.

Are you the kind of person that actually wants to understand a puzzle before solving it? Are you open-minded enough to listen and learn about another person’s facts, questions, and ideas before making up your mind? Do you seek out different points of view? Do you look past short-term knee-jerk reactions to get to the long-term systemic solutions? Are you a leader?


Politics 1.0 is the use of physical violence. Politics 2.0 is false assumption that everything is either/or, right/wrong, your way or the highway—life’s more complicated than that. Politics 3.0 is the digital echo chamber that’s causing RIFTS in our society with the earthquakes of Rumor, Innuendo, Fake news, Trash talk, and Sabotage. Politics 4.0 is finding out what all four sides of the Table can mostly agree on first, instead of never, ever getting there 

The Politics 4.0 Idea Games™ determine what all four sides of the Ideologically Balanced Table™ can mostly agree on—first, instead of never-ever getting there. It makes boring public policy actually fun. The Idea Games has invented a way to measure nonpartisanship. All four sides get an equal say. Last time I checked, we’re one country, let’s start acting like it by modeling some public policy leadership. Politics 2.0 and 3.0 tries to convince us that every public policy puzzle is unsolvable, intractable, we can’t agree on anything. We’ve proved them wrong in our initial tests. 

The Politics 4.0 Idea Games happen on your smartphone, tablet or computer. The Politics 4.0 Idea Games are powered by the Virtual Committees software platform. The Idea Games goal is to publish a perpetual Leaderboard of Ideas that are both really popular and really smart, and have it read not only like the sports page but also like a menu. No extra charge for substitutions. The process has worked beautifully in small test samples. 

The Inaugural Idea Games are gearing up. We’re looking for 160 Players, all US citizens, equally divided by those who usually prefer private sector solutions (less laws), public sector solutions (more laws), more government spending, and less government spending. These four basic ideologies are how we react with public policy with regard to our time and our money. Everything else is a Topic available to process. 

If this inaugural Team can solve a national public policy puzzle together—then we can solve lots and lots of public policy puzzles. With your help the Politics 4.0 Idea Games might become the trusted source for local, State, and Federal public policy news. We can also insist candidates and elected officials not ignore the Idea Leaderboard. Let’s give these brave and selfless folks some nonpartisan cover. It’s the least we can do for our country.


What’s the time commitment? Players and Wonks can expect to invest two hours a week for 13 weeks trying to solve a public policy puzzle of their own choosing. No one is gaming the choice creation, no one is gaming the outcome, and there’s no rush to judgment. That’s over 4000 hours of concerted effort, essentially two years of effort compressed into one exciting gamified calendar quarter. Think of it as taking a deep dive into a think tank. ≈≈≈ boosh! ≈≈≈

The Players will decide the Topic, search for Facts, ask better Questions, suggest Ideas, identify what’s good, bad, or unknown about the possible solutions, and finally vote the ballot—yielding an Idea Leaderboard of Solutions with three scoops of Ideas; Intent, Singular, Packages, all ranked by their live real-time nonpartisan score. We’re looking for all the balanced solutions a vast supermajority can support, and a majority of each side of the Table.


If you can’t declare your usual side of the Ideologically Balanced Table™, where you most frequently sit, that’s okay, we’re also looking for sixteen impartial Wonks to help find errors and omissions in the Facts, Questions and Ideas, and to help prepare the ballot/survey for approval voting. Now, this is public policy news a Wonk can dive into. Oh, but Wonks can’t vote the survey, with one special exception. 

Assuming the Inaugural Idea Games are a success, then we will be looking to set-up League Play immediately thereafter. Imagine dozens, hundreds perhaps thousands of Idea Games Teams competing for the best nonpartisan public policy solutions: local, State, and National teams. There will be National Playoff Games with the best All-Star Players, best Wonks, best Subject Matter Experts versus the biggest Puzzles. 

If you’re interested in any of these choices; playing in the Inaugural Idea Games, becoming a Wonk to make some Think Tank Waves™, building your own Team, or bringing the Virtual Committees citizen engagement software to your whole town or city, please apply to be a Player or Wonk in the Inaugural Games (think of it like Spring Training –or- the pre-opening of a restaurant) click here

Politics 4.0 Idea Games™ mission is to raise the level of pubic policy discourse. Our vision is to find solutions to public policy puzzles that are both vastly popular and well-studied. Our values are to be neutral towards private and/or public sector solutions, and whether a law is passed or trashed. Our culture is to think and act like a team.

We will do all this by collecting and curating an Idea Leaderboard of Solutions that are both vastly-popular and really-smart—ranked by our proprietary nonpartisan rating system and engagement software. Let’s give our selfless elected officials and brave candidates some nonpartisan cover to better get their jobs done. But we can only do this with your help. Click here to enter the Politics 4.0 Player Pool. 

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One of the beta tests for VirtualCommittees™ process was "Illegal Drugs" in the Topic Elevator, with the instigating question on the Briefing Balcony of "How might we determine if illegal drugs are a health and/or criminal issue?" Unanimous and vast supermajority solutions were found. Some just got passed into law by Congress. What took them so long? We had the solutions in 13 weeks, two years ago.


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