If not, cancel anytime in the first year for up to a three month refund.

:: What's Your Population? Here's How to Engage WIth WAY More Of THem

Nonpartisan Site License

Process UNLIMITED Topics at a time with Unlimited Citizens

and archive up to 100 Conversations.

 :: Site Licenses start at $800 a month ::

for municipalities with under 15,000 in population. 

Populations over 15K to 50K for $1600 a month. 

Populations over 50K start at $2400 a month. 

One Time Installation Fee equal to one month license fee.

County "Package" License

A County Partnership License is when  the County and all its towns and cities become Site License Holders then there's a volume discount ranging from 8% to 20% based on County population. 

A County Sponsorship License is when the County becomes the Licensee and distributes Licenses to the Towns and Cities on an as needed basis. This can be a fundraising opportunity for the County, but doesn't have to be. 

These County Licenses also offer an unlimited conversation archive to all.

Conurbations & Megalopolis

How often do you get to use the word Conurbation? If you have populations over 500K, call for custom packaging to suit your needs. 

...Call (860) 930-0264 for Custom Packaging and Pricing.

(All License Fees and Terms subject to change)

The TabLegs Café :: TLC for Nonpartisanship

:: Coming Soon :: The Table Legs Café is an open forum for licensees for convos about Best Practices in Engagement, Group process, Local public policy, and the Software itself.  

Tables don't just have four ideological sides, they also have four legs; Why, What, How, and Where. We'll share and support each other. 

"TabLegs" uses the same VirtualCommittees™ software which will also give you more and different practice on the platform, and ideas how you might optimize solutions for your municipality.

We intend to have regular "How-to" Conference calls an Mastermind Calls for Engagement professionals. 

::  Included FREE with Any License ::

(This is different than the WonkWave™ Quarterly National Public Policy Think Tank.) 

:: Call for a Demonstration

 (860) 930-0264