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Silent Ideation

Here's an intro article on how to first diverge on what we might possibly do before starting to decide what we should do. 

From Forbes. 

Brainstorming Questions not Solutions

Better sounding questions are way cooler than the right answer to the wrong question.

From Fast Company

We Need More Women on the Public Policy Team

Because we'll get better outcomes. 

This from MIT.

The Wisdom of Crowds

Lateral Team Thinking

From the original source Edward deBono Six Thinking Hats.

Consensus Building Tools for New Challenges at State and Local Levels

From Mediate.Com

Oldie but Goodie

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Hot State & Cold State Decision Making

No, not Hawaii and Alaska. In the heat of the moment —or— in a cool calm way away from the action. In other words, at a Boisterous Town Hall Meeting —or— Calmly reviewing the material on VirtualCommittees™?

From the Farnam Street Blog. 

Consensus Building and Team Building for Team Success

Studies Show Newspaper Op-Eds Change Minds


Note :: So will the Idea Detail in your VirtualCommittees™ software

What Your Website Should Have to Excite Millennials


Note :: Engagement Ideas

What Learners Really Need


Note :: the Center of the Diagram for different Engagement Styles

Supermajority v Vast Supermajority

Here's an Op-ed about why is it the supermajority is denied, even when the solutions are well studied not just merely popular. Even more interesting is why the vast-supermajority is denied. 

From the New York Times

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Polarized Minds (why we have the Ideologically Balanced Table)

Electronic Brainstorming Superiority

Two concurrent experiments were conducted with groups of varying size; there were 2-, 4-, and 6-person groups in one and 6- and 12-person groups in the other. We compared the number and quality of unique ideas generated by groups of each size using electronic and nonelectronic, verbal brainstorming. Groups used both techniques in a counterbalanced within-group design. The larger groups in both experiments generated more unique ideas and more high-quality ideas, and members were more satisfied when they used electronic brainstorming than when they used verbal brainstorming. There were fewer differences between the two techniques for the smaller groups in each experiment. We interpret these results as showing that electronic brainstorming reduces the effects of production blocking and evaluation apprehension on group performance, particularly for large groups.

How to Use More Silence in Meetings

Elaboration v Knee Jerks

Turns out that diving into a topic makes for better decisions. Who knew? How would you rate your elaborations?

Six Ways to Win an Argument

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Think Tank Waves

For Many Teens, The Battle with Opioid Addiction Starts With Wisdom Teeth

From Note :: Irony 

Here's How One Small Town Beat the Opioid Epidemic


And Rewarding Users not to Use

From the New York Times

Three Cities in America Have Ended Chronic Homelessness: Here's How They Did It

The Wisdom of Crowds Requires the Political Left and Right to Work Together

Harnessing the Power of Collective Intelligence to Change Beliefs About Global Warming

America is Living James Madison's Nightmare