:: How Nonpartisan Handheld Engagement Helps your municipality

Helping Introverts Roar

 All too often the extroverted alphas, the fighter and the boxer metaphorically climb in the ring and start duking it out.  We have no choice but to stare or walk away. With VirtualCommittees™ software the same-old-same-old intractable arguments and groupthink can be averted by a process that lets introverts have their say sooner rather than later or never. Studies have shown that when everyone on a team participates about equally performance soars! We can so help you do that.  

Frustrated Committee Chairs

Choosey  Chair Jeff can't get the quality and quantity of feedback needed to get the committee's work done. VirtualCommittees™ software lets any citizen access the work of the committee 24/7/365 from their smartphone. It's concise format of facts, questions, responses, and proposed solutions makes Jeff's job easier. The entire process is ideologically balanced with the metrics to prove it. No other engagement software offers this unique consensus building capability. 

An Engagement Officer's Dream

People are so busy today. It's almost impossible to increase attendance at committee and board meetings. Now with the VirtualCommittees™software any concerned citizen can self-select in on any conversation that interests her or him 24/7/365 from the comfort of home or on the road. Your other social media accounts can feed into your VirtualCommittees™ pages on your municipal website or one of ours. Here the conversation is highly structured and efficient with team thinking tools. Hey, today with the way things are, shouldn't everyone in local government be an engagement officer?  

Relatable Public Relations

When something  happens in the city rumors can run rampant. Currently, there isn't one place where an extended conversation over a number of days or weeks can unfold in an orderly fashion. VirtualCommittees™ allows for a conversation devoid of gossip around persons or parties, and instead around facts, questions, civilized responses, and proposed solutions. A refreshing break from other social media. And you can gauge feedback from the four sides of the ideological table heat map.

Interns Getting Hired

Standing out is a challenge. How does an intern make a good enough impression to get offered a real job? Converting complex issues into the bite-sized format citizens prefer is a talent. It's also great work for an intern to take a star turn. VirtualCommittees™ is social media without the gossip, and yelling into an echo chamber. Interns are frequently savvy about social media.

Bored County Commissioners

Balancing all the information from Federal, State, Local, and interpreting it for the residents of the county is a major challenge. County Commissioners are bored of all the angst this creates. The County's VirtualCommittees™ software integrated with all the local governments' versions provides a seamless place to get the skinny from the get go. Citizens will appreciate the same user interface for all local and county conversations.