:: How Nonpartisan Handheld Engagement helps Your Citizens


Pragmatist Maggie

It's been said that "we" can agree on 80% of the challenges and opportunities we face. The other 20% is partisanship. There are lots of pragmatists but getting them to meetings and to participate in cumbersome proceedings isn't going to happen. Why? Pragmatists are trying to make their way in their own complex lives. VirtualCommittees™ software makes it easy to participate in civic matters because it's almost as easy as other social media. The being more careful what you say part, yes, that's a bit more difficult (and mercifully preferable). 

Candidates in the Rough

Many people are called to public service but only a few get elected. How can a candidate stand out? One way is to actually convene conversations around public policy with your own VirtualCommittees™ license. What conversations aren't being had that need to be?  It's not all that difficult to have more engagement on those Topics than anywhere else.. That translates into votes. Another way is to have bragging rights for proposing solutions that rank high on the Nonpartisan Idea Leaderboard. That makes you a leader. Stand out. Be a uniter!

Reluctant Activist Raya

Raya has driven past one too many homeless persons. She feels like we're not doing all we could. But what does doing more look like?  She has taken it upon herself to research other towns' and cities' solutions. If the city has a VirtualCommittees™ site license Citizens can start their own conversations, and see if they can garner the critical mass to make a difference. Now Raya can engage townsfolk and the local government to search for feasible solutions. It's like a team treasure hunt. Solutions that all four sides of the ideological table can support. 

News Desert Oasis

Literal or figurative. More and more places don't even have a daily newspaper, and many just have a paper that mostly cares about the bleeding rather than the public policy lede. When advertising eclipses quality public policy news—we've all got a problem. Here's the thing, citizens need to be able to find out what's going on, period. And since they're busy it needs to be easy. Formerly employed reporters can participate in the municipality's VirtualCommittees™ License, and/or purchase a license and become the municipality's primary public policy news source. VirtualCommittees™ is perfect for selling advertising or sponsorships around. You keep all your advertising revenue. Someone needs to convene the conversations that aren't being discussed openly and thoroughly. Might you be that reporter?

Public Policy Theses

Many want to get an advanced degree in public policy. There is no more unique, easier or robust tool to base research on than VirtualCommittees™. The metric gauges support from all four sides of the ideological table. This data can be extrapolated to the demographics of the larger population. Getting to statistically significant sample sizes isn't difficult. What might you publish about a public policy breakthrough that will change the world? Perhaps be your reason for getting up in the morning. Define your career. 

Wannabe Wonks & Advocacy Groups

There are subject matter experts in your citizenry. Oft times a newbie has a fresh take on a subject because she or he isn't afraid of asking a seemingly dumb question. It's a forest from the trees thing. VirtualCommittees™ empowers wannabe wonk types to let their genius flags fly. What problems could local governments solve that larger governments can't? A supermajority? 

Advocacy groups have a tendency to only appeal to one or two sides of the ideological table. A VirtualCommittees™ license can convene conversations to broaden support for the whole table of possible donors and fans. What new insights might you find that will lead to better messaging?