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:: What if?

What if busy people could engage with their municipality on their schedule?

What if citizens could offer constructive input on public policies  from the device in the palm of their hand?

What if people thought they were truly part of the process and not just being told what to do or spun into someone else's agenda?

What if there were reliable real-time metrics to predict overall support?

:: Jon Denn, Founder

Jon is a member of the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation. He has had a long abiding passion to raise the level of public policy discourse in this country. VirtualCommittees™ has been perfected over the last eight years. Jon ran an adaptive leadership program for over a decade. He now chairs several private advisory boards, is a workshop leader, and author of the DRUMBEAT Business Productivity Playbook: How to Beat Goals and Disorganization.  

:: Now we can

With our nonpartisan handheld engagement software for listeners not yellers. 

With a place to ask questions, share ideas, offer constructive responses, and have solutions rise to the top based on what we CAN agree on.

With a process designed for people who want to understand the whole issue before making up their minds. 

Build your Confidence, Build Solutions, and Build Consensus

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Your careful plans stung by a knock out?

Tired of hyperpartisan fighting over 






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